The Grasshopper: a mobile home for the new nomad


The Grasshopper is a tiny caravan and fits current ideas about sustainability, being self-sufficient and travelling with freedom.


A little while ago, Yvon Zautsen, designer of light  fixtures and camping enthusiast, was inspired by tiny caravans.

She decided to build her own and give her design a personal touch.

She not only manufactured all components herself, but also added details such as leaded glass windows and frescos.


The Grasshopper uses solar panels to stay self-sufficient. The kitchen is outside underneath the hatch. Inside you’ll find a comfortable bed and lots of storage room.

The Grasshopper is complete & solid, practical & mobile and weighs only 580 kilos.


Travelling with the Grasshopper will make your journey pleasant and comfortable!


Yvon Zautsen (1967) is an autonomous designer from Breda, The Netherlands and designs lighting under the name Zautsen-Lichtobjecten. She studied at the Academy of Arts St. Joost (1984-1990).


During her study, she resided in West-Africa for one year.

It was there, in the scarcity of light, that her fasciation for (mood)lighting arose.

For a number of years now she has focused exclusively on the creation of special light fixtures.


The lamps made by Yvon Zautsen are innovative and inspired by organic shapes, yet are straightforward in their appearance. The light fixtures are manufactured by hand in her own studio.


Postbus 4872 4803EW Breda The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 10731752